Sunday, 8 January 2012

Barry in print: Moonbeams, by B.J. Morgan

"A glimmer on the horizon attracted his attention. Earth's Moon was rising, as it had done for millennia and would do so for millennia to come. As he watched it climb, Paul remembered the fear that this sight had struck into the hearts of mankind..."

One galaxy, two budding Galactic Empires, a recipe for disaster? Follow the struggles of Jan Oremus, Demil Verne, Paul Trevell, Admiral Stern, and others as they make their first tentative moves towards escaping from the planet of their birth.

Barry says...

Moonbeams came to me in a flash (is that a pun?) some 30 years ago and has fought to see the light of day ever since. Often on the 'back burner' of life but the flame never went out. Now published on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing, an option for new authors that the digital revolution has made possible.

I was an industrial chemist for the greater part of my working life, and now am a self-employed computer repair technician (always had an interest in electronic things - fixing TV's when only a schoolboy.) Quite a change of direction, but after 33 years playing with smelly chemicals I thought enough was enough, and being made redundant proved to be the catalyst (once a chemist, always a chemist!)

Moonbeams by B.J. Morgan is available from Amazon: and you can meet the author here: Barry Morgan on Amazon

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Now available as a print-on-demand book from Create Space:

Saturday, 7 January 2012

2012 - another year before us...

At the start of the year I like to assess where we are going, set out our aims for the coming year, and put in place the mechanisms to help us achieve them. Over the past couple of months we've been exploring how useful social media is to online businesses - both our own and our clients, to ensure we're making the best use of it to benefit us all.

As a part of this we've been attending something called Twunch on a monthly basis. A Twunch is a Twitter lunch, at least that's how it began, with a small group of us exploring our knowledge of Twitter and how we can best utilise it. From there Twunch has grown a little to encompass other aspects of social media, and will in time cover Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and any others we find.

Our initial group has been Twunch_SL (for South Lakeland) but we now feel it's time to spread our wings a little and see how much interest there might be in Twunch in the Burton & Holme areas. The idea is to meet for a 2 hour lunch one day per month, say 12 noon - 2pm, at a central location. This could be the memorial hall or the pub, etc. and the host provides soup, bread & cake, Twunch provides technical support, and everyone who goes along pays £5 to cover the costs of lunch etc. The group size needs to be no more than 10 people initially. If anyone's interested in getting involved, please contact Anne via Twitter on @AstarteWebDes or use one of the contacts here: